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Why You Should Rekey Your Locks When Moving a New House

August 26,2021

Why You Should Rekey Your Locks When Moving a New House

There’s so much to be done after moving into a new house. You’ve got to do some cleaning, transfer utilities, update your address, connect internet and TV, and do much more. Amid the whirlwind of activity that comes with moving into a new house, it’s easy to forget rekeying your locks. Nearly half of the population in the U.S use the same keys the previous owners used and are more likely to be burgled.

When you move into a new house, you can’t know how many people have copies of your keys. After all, previous occupants and whoever they gave out the keys to will likely have a copy of your keys. This is a major security risk not worth taking. That's why you should call an experienced locksmith and have them rekey your locks to protect your safety and privacy. When you rekey a lock, the old keys will no longer operate it. A locksmith simply alters some parts inside the lock so that a new key operates. Rekeying a lock is not the same as lock replacement and in most instances, rekeying is more cost-effective than changing out the entire lock.

By rekeying your locks, you’ll be sure that nobody can access your property without your permission. Another reason to rekey your locks when moving into a new house is insurance. If you experience a break-in, most insurance companies may be reluctant to pay your claim if they find out that you had not rekeyed or changed locks after moving in.

For peace of mind when you move into a new house, make sure you call a reliable locksmith and let them rekey your locks.  

Other times when you should rekey your locks include:

  • When you lose your keys
  • You experienced a break-in    
  • When you want to upgrade your locks

Why Hire an Experienced Locksmith to Rekey Your Locks?

Rekeying locks can be a complicated process that requires extensive expertise and many years of experience. A knowledgeable and experienced locksmith understands the ins and outs of rekeying locks, so they’ll do the job right the first time. Besides, a locksmith is equipped with the right tools and technologies to do a quality job.   

While you may be tempted to rekey your locks yourself, it’s never a good idea to go the DIY route. Apart from compromising the integrity of your locks, you'll waste a lot of time, and the whole process will turn out to be costly.  

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