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Where Can I Get Free Moving Boxes?

December 20,2022

A quick and easy way to find free moving boxes is by asking around. Local Movers can also help with reputable local tips for your big move. Talk to friends, family, and neighbors in your area. Also, you can check out the box sections at office supply stores and liquor stores. If you have a grocery store nearby, ask if they have any leftover boxes. Try to connect with other moving people to see what they can give you or sell for a small fee. Their leftovers could be your treasures! National Movers can help with boxes once you secure everything you can for free. It is likely that no matter how many boxes you believe you need for the move, you will not be close to what you really need!


If you're lucky enough to live in an area with a large community of people who move frequently, you can get your hands on some free moving boxes through Craigslist. People often post ads when they have large amounts of boxes that they no longer need or want. You can also look for people selling old furniture and appliances, as these usually come with free boxes.

Another great resource for finding free moving supplies and services in your area. It's like Facebook for neighborhoods — neighbors in your neighborhood can post what they're giving away or looking for, and the site will match them up based on proximity.

Liquor Stores

You may be surprised by how many liquor stores offer free cardboard boxes to customers who purchase their products! They don't want customers leaving with anything to put their purchases in, so this is one way they encourage repeat business (and protect against theft). Check out local liquor stores near your new home to see if they offer this service!

Friends and Family

The best place to start looking for free moving boxes is with friends and family. If they're planning on packing themselves, they may have some extra cardboard that they don't need anymore. And if not, there's always the option of asking them if they know anyone else who might have some extra cardboard lying around! With more people ordering items online, the average household has more boxes than ever and is likely very happy to give them for a worthy cause.

Large Retailers

Many big chains have "store pickup" options that allow customers to order online and then pick up their items at the store — no delivery fee! Stores like Walmart, Costco, and Sam's Club often have free storage options for large purchases like appliances or furniture and free cardboard boxes; just ask when you check out at the register if there's anything available in your size range.


Many bookstores sell books in boxes made of cardboard — perfect for storing books or using them as moving boxes!

Paper Manufacturers

If you know someone who works at a paper mill or paper factory, they can help you out with some free cardboard boxes and packing paper. Most large companies have a recycling program, so it's worth asking around to see if there's anything they can do for you!


Offices throw away tons of cardboard boxes each day. If you can get permission from your office manager, it may be possible to take some of those boxes for free. This is a great option if you have time to plan and make arrangements with your office manager.

Recycling Drop-Offs

Some stores also have recycling drop-offs where they'll take back old boxes or other packing materials for recycling purposes; just make sure they're clean and dry, so they don't contaminate the recycling stream when they go into the bins if there's any water left on them.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores often throw away their cardboard boxes when they're too worn out to hold groceries anymore. If you have time to plan, it's worth asking the store manager if you can have some of these old boxes for free (just make sure you take only one or two at a time).


Schools usually throw away huge cardboard boxes each year as students move into new classrooms or buildings during the summer months. If you have time to plan, it's worth asking school officials if they'll let you take some old boxes off their hands before they're thrown away (just make sure you only take one or two at a time).

Facebook Marketplace

If you're moving locally or are willing to drive a distance, Facebook Marketplace offers many ways to find free boxes. Just search for "moving boxes" and look through all the ads until you find something that works for you. Many people post ads offering free boxes because they don't want them anymore (for example, people who bought too many during their last move), while others may just be trying to be helpful and give away what they don't need anymore. Either way, there are plenty of good options out there!

National Movers

Your move is likely to be one of the most expensive things you will do at some point in your life, so anything you can do to minimize these costs can help make your moving day less stressful. A prime example of this is getting free moving boxes. Instead of paying for them yourself, consider asking friends and family for extra boxes or using their gift-wrapping tissue and bows as a bonus. After all, their intended use isn't much different than packing material. Then let our professional moving company handle the rest for you!