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When To use Climate Control Storage Units

September 07,2020

At National Movers, we know that there are many reasons why you might need a storage unit. You might be downsizing your home and decide to store some furniture in a depot. You might even be involved in e-commerce, with your inventory in a storage unit. Whatever your reason for using a storage unit, it is important that valuables are not damaged by the elements. Certain items are sensitive to temperature, humidity, and so on. Therefore, the option of controlling the climate within your storage unit can be vital for the integrity of your belongings. This article will go over some scenarios in which we recommend you consider a climate control storage unit as opposed to a traditional one.

What Is A Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

Climate controlled storage units, or temperature-controlled storage units, are exactly as they sound: storage units that can be managed to create an ideal environment for valuable or sensitive items. Climate controlled storage units are generally equipped with air conditioners, heaters, ventilation, and/or insulation. These units have the goal of managing and stabilizing temperature and humidity.
Items That Call for Climate Controlled Storage Units
As we mentioned earlier, some items are sensitive to extreme temperatures, humidity, and volatility in temperature and humidity. The following are some items and categories that require climate control:

  • Electronics and Appliances: Batteries, wires, and metals can rust and corrode from humidity. Freezing temperatures can crack and damage electrical systems and batteries while extreme high temperatures can overheat them.
  • Leather: Extreme fluctuations in temperature can cause your leather to contract and expand, eventually cracking it. Leather clothing and furniture should kept at uniform temperatures between fifteen and twenty degrees Celsius with humidity between 50% and 70%.
  • Wood: If you have valuable furniture, instruments, or equipment made of wood, then be mindful of the storage unit’s temperature and humidity. Like leather, wood can expand and shrink, eventually cracking or damaging.
  • Paper Products: Important documents, artwork, books, and photographs should be protected from sunlight, humidity, and extreme temperatures. They can easily fade or stick together.

Living in Extreme Climates

Those who live in an area with predictable temperatures between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit have the privilege of not worrying about climate control. But if you live in an area like Florida or Louisiana where extreme temperatures and humidity are the norm, then you should definitely consider a climate controlled storage unit. Don’t stop at simply storing your items in the temperature controlled unit, however. Be sure to keep individual items secured and safe.

Need Help Moving Your Storage Unit?

If you find that your current storage unit is risky for your items and you want to move to a climate controlled unit, then consider hiring the professionals at National Movers to help you safely transport your items. Our professionals are trained and equipped to move your belongings safe and sound. They are also ready to answer any questions involving the risks that temperature and humidity pose to your items. Call National Movers now to speak with a friendly representative.