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What To Do Before The Movers Arrive?

March 04,2022

Many people think that moving is as simple as hiring a moving company and everything is done. While hiring a dependable moving company alleviates some of the moving stress, knowing what to do before the movers arrive makes for a more pleasant and smooth moving experience.

Here’s what you should do before the movers arrive.

  • Get Rid of Unwanted Items

You’re likely not going to be moving everything to the new location. It’s a good idea to get rid of items that you will no longer need in your new location to save time and money that you may otherwise waste in packing and transporting them. This could be clothes that don’t fit, outdated electronics, furniture that won’t fit in your new home, and items that you want to replace. You can sell, donate or dispose of them. Clearing out unwanted items will save you time and money and simplify the move.

  • Clear The Pathway

Before the movers arrive, ensure you clear all the obstacles in the passageway to make it easy for the movers to haul your items out of your home and prevent accidents. You’ll also need to evaluate your entrance doors, corridors, quick turns, and staircases to ensure they are free of obstacles.

You’ll also need to reserve parking space where the movers will park their truck on the moving day and anticipate any problems ahead of time.

  • Protect Your Floors and Walls

If you have heavy furniture that may damage your floors, you will need to use heavy duty doormats, cardboard, rugs, towels, and furniture sliders to protect your floors from accidental dings or scuffs. You can wrap furniture legs and edges in bubble wrap or protective furniture blankets to protect your floors and walls when moving furniture.

To protect your walls from accidental hits during a move, you can consider covering the busiest sections of your walls with thick towels, comforters, and hang sheets. These items will absorb any accidental hits and keep your walls and furniture safe.

  • Make an Inventory of All Items to Be Moved

Having an inventory of the items to be moved will make it easier for you to organize your stuff and keep track of your possessions. Besides, having a detailed inventory list of what the movers will take helps you to minimize conflicts with movers in case something goes missing. Ensure you note down important information about all the items that will be put on the moving truck and take photos of the items before they’re packed and disassembled. The inventory list will facilitate labeling and unpacking and help you back up an insurance claim if anything goes missing.

  • Get Suitable Moving Insurance

You should have enough insurance to protect yourself if your possessions are damaged. It’s advisable to buy additional insurance if you intend to move expensive or rare items.

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