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Understanding The Different Types of Moving Company Estimates

September 21,2022

The beauty of moving estimates is that they allow you to move without obligations. Most people love this because it will enable them to thoroughly plan their move without worrying about significant moving expenses. It also gives them the freedom to take their time. It's a great way to get a good idea of what they want to do. National Movers are local movers, and we are often asked what the different types of moving estimates are. When you contact a moving company, there are different types of estimates and let’s review them.

Moving estimates are an essential part of your moving process. They help you to know what to expect when it comes time to move, and they give you a rough idea of how much it will cost. There are different moving estimates, each of which serves a different purpose.

Non-Binding Estimates

A non-binding estimate is just that — an estimate. It’s not an exact quote for the entire move but rather an estimate based on the information you provide about your belongings, the distance between homes, and any other factors that may affect pricing. The mover will tell you if additional information is required before they can give an exact price tag for your move. Suppose something changes during your moving process (such as adding or subtracting items from your shipment). In that case, it may affect pricing, so keep this in mind if you're considering changing anything once you start your move planning process.

Binding Estimates

A binding estimate is a quote set in stone and cannot be changed once signed. This can be good or bad, depending on how much time you have to plan your move and how flexible you are with dates.

Binding estimates can effectively get reasonable prices from moving companies, but they aren't always available. Some moving companies will not offer them, while others may refuse them if they feel there's too much risk involved with accepting one.

Binding Not-To-Exceed

A BTE estimate is similar to a binding estimate but allows for some leeway in pricing should unforeseen circumstances arise during the move. With this type of estimate, the mover will give you a maximum price that they charge based on certain factors such as the size of the home, distance traveled, and weight of items being moved.

This type of estimate is more common than a true binding one because it offers some flexibility for both sides should something unexpected occur during the process.

Tips To Obtain Quotes

  • Get Three Estimates

When it comes time to get moving quotes, you must get as many as possible. This will allow you to compare rates and choose the best one available. You can also use this opportunity to compare different companies prices and services so that if something goes wrong during your move, there's no guessing who is responsible for fixing it.

  • Carefully Consider Factors That May Affect Pricing

Several factors can affect pricing, such as distance traveled, size of your home and vehicle required for transportation, when you are moving, and whether or not you have any special requirements (such as needing contents packed in boxes or disassembled furniture). Having an idea about these factors ahead of time will help ensure that your estimate is as accurate as it can be.

National Movers

When considering a moving company, it is imperative to get multiple estimates. They are not trying to market their services if they offer an estimate without requesting you or if you are present at home. If they cannot provide a quote over the phone, that's an indication they may not be legitimate. Legitimate local movers such as National Movers will always ask the right questions and understand what they provide.