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Tips to Make a Move Easier with Aging Parents

July 09,2022

If you are assisting an aging parent with a move, you may wonder how to ensure a safe, affordable, and efficient transition. There's a lot to consider when preparing for a move with aging parents, from their finances to handling household goods. At National Movers, we enjoy helping clients move with as little stress and anxiety as possible. As a moving company, we understand how certain changes can be challenging to process emotionally. While hiring trusted local movers can make the process easier to handle, there are a lot of other considerations to make in the planning stages. Read below for some helpful tips to ease the shift toward your parent's next chapter in life.

Role Reversal Issues

Adult children of older parents may have to deal with role reversal issues when helping them move from their home into a new smaller space or a retirement community. They may have to take on the roles of the caregiver as they help their aging parents make the move. This can be a stressful situation for both parties involved and can create feelings of resentment or guilt if not handled properly. It's important to communicate your intentions early, so everyone knows what to expect. The sooner you talk about what needs to happen and what each person's role will be, the less likely it will be that there will be any misunderstandings along the way.

Be Patient with the Process

Elderly parents may be emotionally attached to their familiar surroundings. Their house will likely hold a lifetime of memories. It may take a while to sort through items and pack them away. Give them time to adjust. List making is one way for your parents to gain control over this process and make it more manageable. Encourage them to write down all of their possessions – from furniture to kitchenware and everything in between – so there are no surprises when it comes time to pack up their belongings. This can also help ensure they don't forget anything important during the move.

Visit the New Location Together

If possible, visit the retirement center, apartment, or new house with your parents before they move in. Not only will it allow them to see what their new place is like, but it will also allow you to ask questions and get answers from staff members who work there. You may even be able to arrange for a tour of the facility and meet some of the other residents. This can help put your parents at ease about their new living environment.

Downsize Where Possible

It's important to create a list of needs vs. wants when deciding what items should be kept, stored, or discarded. Items like clothing and household goods can easily be donated or sold at consignment stores. Family heirlooms can be passed down to their new owners now rather than later, while sentimental pieces like pictures and jewelry can be kept close by in their new space.

Pack Items Carefully

Be very careful with items when packing, especially things that are fragile, expensive, or hold sentimental value. Make sure you pack vulnerable items first so they will not be damaged during the move. You can also use bubble wrap and other packaging materials to ensure safety during transit. The move will already be difficult enough, don't make it worse by having them unpack a box full of broken family heirlooms.

Hire Professional Local Movers

Moving is stressful for anyone, but it can be especially difficult for older adults because of their physical limitations and overall health status. If they're also dealing with some sort of illness or injury, they may not be able to lift heavy objects or do much physical activity at all. Consider hiring local movers in Johns Creek, GA. This investment will help avoid injuries and property damage and will allow everyone to focus on other things that need attention during the move.

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