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Tips to Combine Two Households When Moving

March 15,2021

Tips to Combine Two Households When Moving

Moving in together can be a very serious decision. Combing two households when moving can also make the process a little more complicated. However, it is possible for everything to go smoothly, if enough planning is involved beforehand. At National Movers, we provide premium moving services for customers across the United States. Whether you are moving down the street, to a different state, or even to a foreign country, our specialists are ready to help you reach your goals. If you are planning to combine two different households when you move into your next place, then read below for some helpful tips. 

Create a Timeline that Works Best for Both Parties 

The first step when planning to move is to determine the best timeline for your needs. With multiple households, this can be more challenging since scheduling conflicts may arise. Discuss your plans ahead of time, so you can beware of any possible hurdles and make the best decisions for everyone involved. 

Choose the Right Location 

Another important consideration to make when you first begin your move out plans, is the location of your new home. This is particularly true for long distance relationships. In some cases, the choice may already be made for you. For example, if you are moving to attend a specific University or because of a job offer. At other times, the process can be more difficult, even for short distance moves. Think about which side of town you prefer to live in, how far work is, which school districts best fit the needs of your household and so on. 

Which Items Will Be Kept, and Which Will Be Sold, Donated or Tossed Out? 

Next, you will need to decide which belongings will remain inside the home, and which ones will be discarded. This can be a painful and often tumultuous conversation, but it is one that needs to be tackled before the moving process begins. You don’t need two of every appliance or multiple pieces of large furniture. So, decide what will be kept, and what may need to be donated, sold or thrown away.  

Consider Storage Options 

If there are certain items that are very important to either party, but simply won’t fit the needs of the new household, then consider storage options. Maybe you are downsizing at first and want to save heirlooms and expensive furniture for a future move. Or perhaps you simply can’t part with your grandmother’s fine china or your bachelor pad décor. For situations like this, a storage unit can offer a practical solution. 

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