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Tips for Packing Your Kitchen & Fragile Items

March 22,2021

Tips for Packing Your Kitchen & Fragile Items

You’re excited to take the next step in life by moving across the country but are terrified that your heirloom china will be destroyed in the process. This is a very common concern for people, whether they are moving down the street or a thousand miles away, packing delicate items can be stressful. At National Movers in Atlanta GA, we offer premium moving services for clients across the United States. Our team enjoys helping our customers find ways to keep their next move free of anxiety, and we want you to enjoy the moving process as well. Here are some tips for packing up your kitchen and keeping those fragile items well protected. 

Pack Delicate Items Separately 

The first step is to make sure that delicate objects are packaged separately from other items. Keeping your porcelain teacups in a box with loose metal knives and forks is a recipe for disaster. This can be managed best when the items are well organized. So, make sure you provide color coded labels on each box, so you can get rid of the guess work while packing and unpacking. It is also a good idea to keep an inventory list that matches each box’s color and number, that way you know exactly which box houses your precious wedding china and crystal champagne flutes. 

Invest in Quality Materials 

Next, it is important that you invest in high quality supplies. Most packing materials are relatively affordable, particularly when compared to the expense of replacing valuable items. Therefore, consider purchasing bubble wrap, foam or packing peanuts if necessary. You can also find specialized boxes and packaging that is meant for dishes, glassware and common household items that may need extra protection. 

Stay Organized When Packing Your Moving Vehicle

While it is important to plan well, you must try to stay organized throughout the entire process. This means being strategic about where fragile boxes will be located during transport, and how they will be protected inside the moving truck. Professionals will have specialized equipment. If you plan on loading and unloading the truck yourself, then you will need to rent or buy your own essentials like heavy duty dollies and straps for careful lifting, as well as moving blankets for a cushioned ride. 

Take Care During Transport 

Even if you are extremely careful at handling your precious cargo at the beginning and end of the moving process, you can still create chaos while on the road. Professional drivers are well equipped to handle hauling a large moving truck, but individuals without experience may find such a trip intimidating. Backing out of parking lots, filling up the gas tank at stations and entering or leaving hotels can be very difficult for those who aren’t accustomed to driving such a massive vehicle. If you aren’t comfortable driving your moving truck yourself, it is best to hire someone who can safely transport your valuables. 

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