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Tasks That Should be completed on Move-In Day

March 01,2021

Tasks That Should be completed on Move-In Day

Many people focus so heavily on packing and traveling, that they neglect to prepare for the big move-in day. However, once all of those boxes are unloaded from the truck, and are sitting in your living room, it can be intimidating. At National Movers, we provide premium moving services for clients across the United States. We enjoy helping our clients achieve a smooth and stress-free moving process from start to finish, and we want to help you do the same. Here are a few simple tasks that can make move-in day a success. 

Make Sure the New Space is Clean 

Hopefully, when you arrive to your new place, the previous owner or landlord has already made sure that the space is clean and ready for moving in. Sadly though, there are some cases when this isn’t so. Perhaps there’s a ladder and some spare paint cans in a bedroom, or even nails and construction materials strewn across the dining room. Make sure that the area is safe and clean before bringing your family or belongings into the area. 

Find a Safe Place for Pets to Stay 

Next, you will want to find a safe place for your family pets. They may need to remain in their carriers for a little while longer or taken to the backyard and secured on a leash. If these options aren’t ideal, then consider using a pet hotel or boarding service for the next day or two to ensure they are safe. You don’t want your dog or cat running away because the door is open while bringing in furniture and other heavy objects. 

Keep Your Boxes Organized 

During the packing process, it is important to properly label boxes. It is also a good idea to keep an inventory list for each box, so that you know exactly what is inside. This will make it easy to grab the boxes as their unloaded from the moving truck and take it to the exact area where it will be unpacked. It takes the guess work out of the job and will prevent wasting time and energy going through the same boxes over and over again. 

Unpack Essentials First

Always unpack the most important items first. While your books and family photos are important, go for the items you will need right away first. This may include cooking utensils and dishes, cleaning supplies, bedding or clothing that you will be wearing the first week. 

Don’t Forget to Eat 

The first day of move-in can be daunting. There is a lot of work to be done. Yet, to perform the physical labor well, and keep your energy up, avoid skipping meals. It may be tempting to toss out your lunch plans so you can get as much of your to-do list tackled as possible, but you will lose momentum fast. Plan your meals ahead so that you know exactly what you’ll be eating and when you will be sitting down to a meal. 

Give Yourself Time to Relax at the End of the Day 

Unpacking boxes after a big move can sometimes take several days or even a few weeks. Pat yourself on the back for getting to your new location safely. Enjoy the fact that all your belongings are safely inside your new home and are ready to put into their proper place when the time is right. Choose a time to stop working, so that you can eat dinner, take a shower, spend time with your family, see a few sights in your new city and get plenty of sleep.  

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