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Should I Move During the Winter?

December 06,2020

Should I Move During the Winter?

At National Movers, we don’t like to make cookie-cutter recommendations for when to move or how to move. Every individual has their own unique circumstance. Though we cannot give you a yes or no answer, we can help you decide whether moving during the winter is right for you. This article will go over the pros and cons of moving in the winter. The decision is up to you, but National Movers is ready to answer any questions or help you with the move. Our moving, packing, and loading services are available at affordable rates. We look forward to helping you move into your new home!

The Disadvantages of Moving During the Winter

The temperature is probably the most obvious disadvantage of moving during the winter. Moving can be stressful and the harsh cold of the winter only makes it more undesirable for most people. Further, walkways, driveways, and roads are usually covered in snow and ice during this time. So, loading your truck and driving in these conditions is obviously far from safe. The potential of slipping on a patch of ice while walking or driving is real.
The timing is also a point of issue with movers. The wintertime is the most wonderful time of the year for spending time indoors and celebrating holidays with family and friends. Moving during the winter will also disrupt any students’ or teachers’ school schedule right as things start to get rolling. 
Speaking of timing, with winter comes shortened days. You will have to take into consideration the fact that the sun will be setting around five o’clock. With fewer hours of daylight, you might experience a tough time loading and driving unless you take full advantage of the daytime. 

The Benefits of Moving During the Winter

Moving during the winter is not all doom and gloom, though. There are benefits to move in the winter. For beginners, you will probably save money on lower rates and enjoy more flexibility in picking your moving date since most people choose to not move during the winter. So, if you end up running late on packing or decide to move earlier, then you have an easier time changing your moving date.
Moving during the winter saves money in more than one way. In the summertime when most people decide to move, the real estate market is usually a seller’s market and prices skyrocket. In the winter, however, competition for homebuying is sparse, and you can pay around 10% less than you would during the summer. 
Who wants to miss out on the beautiful weather of the summer because they have to pack and move? Moving in the winter means you can enjoy the sun kisses and great weather!

We Are Ready to Help You Move, Whenever

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to move in the summer or the winter. The professionals at National Movers are always ready to help you move. Just give us a call now to schedule your appointment. Our representatives are ready to take your call.