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Moving With Kids Can Be Fun: 5 Ways to Prepare

May 26,2022

Moving with kids is a hectic transition, especially if it's your first time moving.

In this article, we will provide you with tips that will make the transition as seamless as possible.

Below are 5 tips to make moving homes easier with children:

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Prepare

Preparing for a move is no easy task. Everything from decluttering your house to packing your items and doing finishing touches needs a lot of time. That’s why you should start making preparations early enough so that you have enough time to get things right. It’s a good idea to start preparations at least 6-8 weeks before your move.

Talk To Your Kids About The Move Ahead Of Time

Processing a move can be hard for kids below 10 years old. When you announce the move to your kids, they are more likely to react with sadness. Luckily, there are many ways you can make the conversation with your kids go smoothly.

Let them know that you’ll be moving and explain what they should expect on the day of the move.  

Purge Before Packing

As soon as you know you’ll be moving, you should start the decluttering process. Not only will it save you time, but it will also reduce your moving costs. Do not wait until the day before the movers arrive to start decluttering your house. Ensure you start early so that you have enough time to declutter.

Be sure to involve your kids in the decluttering process and go from to room to identify what you could get rid of.

Some of the things you’ll want to get rid of include old electronics, clothes that no longer fit, old cookbooks, magazines that you don’t need anymore, and old documents.

Involve Your Kids In The Move

From deciding the look of their new bedrooms to packing up their toys, be sure to enlist your kids as part of the team. Let them pick paint colors for their new bedrooms and send them to their rooms with boxes to pack a few items. This will make them feel like they are part of the moving process.

Find Experienced Local Movers to Help You with Your Move

Planning a move with kids can be overwhelming and stressful. Everything from packing your possessions to taking inventory of all of your items can prove to be overwhelming. The best way to take the stress out of the whole process is to hire reliable local movers to assist you.

Ready to Move? Let National Movers Help You

Moving can be a challenge for anyone, but having kids makes it even more stressful. If you have an upcoming move, you need to find the right moving company, so you can rest assured that your move will be in good hands.

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