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Moving from The Suburbs to The City

May 10,2021

Moving from The Suburbs to The City

National Movers has helped move countless numbers of people from rural areas to cities, suburbs to rural areas, cities to suburbs, and so on. Everyone has a reason for making their move. College graduates may move from their college town to a bustling city, a growing family might opt for the quiet suburbs, and a retiring couple might downsize and head toward an accommodating town. Whatever your reason for wanting to move, make sure that you know what you are getting into by researching your destination and planning accordingly. Your friends at National Movers put together this article as a guide for those moving from the suburbs to the city.

A Change of Space

Cities are much more consolidated and packed. If you cannot make do without your personal space, then the city life may not be for you. While suburban communities enjoy more square footage and personal outdoor space, city dwellers trade that private outdoor space for public parks and community centers. The average size of an apartment in Manhattan, for example, is about 750 square feet. That is over 1000 square feet smaller than similarly priced homes in New Jersey or nearby suburbs.

What’s Your Car Worth?

If each member of your family has their own car, then it might be time to consider whose car is getting sold. Suburban residents might be used to spacious parking lots and free parking around town, but city residents must be prepared to pay for parking. There are metered parking spots as well as designated parking lots, meaning you will likely have to park and walk some ways to your destination. Sometimes, you might be lucky to even find a parking spot for pay.
That’s not the only reason you may want to consider ditching your car if you are to move to the city. Auto insurance providers consider cities to be riskier than suburbs. For example, the average annual cost of car insurance in the state of Michigan is about $3,000. That number jumps to a little over $6,000 for residents in the city of Detroit. We suspect this is due to the congestion as well as the risk of vandalism or theft in the city.

Do You Love Thy Neighbor?

With space as a luxury in the city, you are going to be living in close proximity to your neighbors. That means you might wake up with your neighbors when their baby cries in the middle of the night or hear the neighbor practice their musical instrument during the day. Noise doesn’t stop there. Increased vehicle traffic, higher rates of emergency vehicle dispatches, and flows of pedestrians are sure to add a certain melody to your city life.

Thinking of Moving to the City?

If you are convinced and ready to move to the city, then let local movers in Atlanta at National Movers help. We are also prepared to help you move out from the city. Give National Movers a call today to consult with a friendly representative and learn about our moving packages. We are happy to help.