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Most Common Causes of Moving Delays

September 07,2022

Several factors can impact your scheduled moving date with your moving company. We're going to look at five moving delays that many people don't consider when moving. National Movers wants you to take control of your upcoming move by avoiding these common causes of delayed moving dates.

Poor Weather

Weather is one of the top reasons why moving companies get delayed. If you're planning on moving during the winter season or during the rainy season, you should expect your move to be pushed back by at least a few weeks due to heavy traffic on the roads and poor weather conditions. You may also have trouble finding available movers during these times — especially if you're looking for long-distance or interstate movers.

Suppose this happens to you during the summer months. In that case, it might mean that your items will take longer than expected to arrive at their destination since they'll have to wait until temperatures cool down before continuing their journey. In winter, however, it means that trucks won't be able to continue their travels until conditions are safe enough for them to do so safely — which could mean days spent waiting around while other drivers take care of their own deliveries before getting yours done.

Excessive Traffic

Traffic jams can cause significant delays in your move. If you're planning on hiring local movers for your long-distance move, this shouldn't be much of an issue because they'll have large trucks with plenty of space for all their equipment and supplies. However, if you're planning on hiring local movers for your local or short-distance move, this might pose a problem because these types of moves usually involve smaller vehicles such as vans or pickup trucks which cannot hold as much stuff.

Equipment Breakdown

Equipment breakdown is the most common cause of moving delays. If it's the truck breaking down or damaging your belongings, this is one issue you want to avoid at all costs. To help prevent equipment breakdowns, ensure your movers are equipped with the right tools and equipment for the job. Give your movers as much notice as possible to prepare for moving day.

Long Packing Times

If you're packing everything yourself, you may have taken on more than you can handle. For example, if you don't use boxes or don't pack efficiently, it could take hours just to wrap up one room or section of your home. In addition, if you're moving during peak season or inclement weather conditions (such as snow), the packing will take longer than usual because of the extra time it takes for movers to travel from one location to another. To avoid this problem, hire professional packers who know how to pack quickly and correctly so your belongings don't get damaged during transit and your move doesn’t experience delays.


One of the most common reasons for a delay is accessibility issues. If you have a lot of furniture, your movers must have enough room to maneuver around and transport everything they need to move into your new home. If you’re not careful when planning your move, it may result in missed flights, and extended hotel stays. Another accessibility issue is if the location you are moving to is simply not ready for you to move in.

National Movers

So now that you know about some of the most notable reasons for moving delays, hopefully, you will be less stressed if a delay occurs. If it does happen, just remember that you aren't alone and get used to being patient. National Movers will do everything we can to help avoid delays and partner with you on solutions if any delays are inevitable.