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Money Saving Moving Tips

July 09,2020

As a moving company, National Movers wants the best for our clients. We understand that looking out for our customers is in our best interest because happy customers will provide us with support and loyalty. They will also recommend our services to friends, neighbors, and family. Moving can be a stressful time, taking time off of work and spending hours on packing and arranging unpacking schedules. The prospect of having to shell out hundreds of dollars only adds to this stress. To help mitigate some of this stress, we have put together some money saving moving tips for our community. If you have any particular questions or needs, don’t hesitate to call National Movers.

Disassemble All Beds and Furniture

Beds and furniture can take up a lot of space when in their original positions. Disassembling them will save space both in the house and in the truck. Free space in the house means more room to maneuver and move items easily to the truck. Free space in the truck means fewer trips to the destination. Moreover, local movers will more than likely want the beds and furniture to be disassembled anyway. Handling this task on your own will save time and you are more likely to treat the items with care, protecting your property from damage.

Pack Your Items

Packing is easily the most time-consuming process involved in moving. Because movers generally charge by the hour, you will want to minimize the amount of time that movers spend at your property. Pack your items safely and tightly, balancing space-saving and damage-proofing the items. Don’t forget to label the boxes so that they can be loaded into the truck in the most optimal way, protecting fragile items and keeping related items together. If possible, move these packed items into a central area that minimizes the distance that the movers will have to travel and grab the boxes. When everything is in one, easily accessible area, the movers can easily and quickly load the truck.

Be Accurate When Completing the Moving Estimate

The moving estimate helps movers prepare the necessary equipment and manpower for your move. It might be obvious, but you should be completely honest and mindful when completing the moving estimate. Failing to accurately mention certain large items, number of boxes you have, or the size of the home can extend the time of the move or force the movers to make adjustments on the fly.

Be Prepared

All of the aforementioned suggestions can be summed up with “be prepared.” Have everything packed and stored in a central location so that no time is wasted. Have all of the necessary cleaning and organizing done beforehand so that the loading process is just that: loading. Trying to squeeze in many other chores will extend the time of the moving and end up on your bill. When moving day comes, be sure to wake up on time and get your energy ready. If you have any further questions, you can reach out to National Movers, your trusted movers.