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How To Properly Pack Your Electronics

February 24,2022

Electronic devices such as computers, TVs, tablets, portable chargers, stereo systems, routers, game consoles, and smart alarm clocks are integral parts of modern households. If you’re planning to pack your electronics for a move and looking for tips for packing electronics, you’ve come to the right place. Most electronics are fragile and high-dollar investments, so it’s important to pack these items in a more careful fashion.

Let’s look at how to safely pack your electronics for a move.

  • Detach Wires and Accessories

Before you start thinking about packing your electronics, make sure you detach all cables and accessories and pack them with the corresponding device. Secure all cords and wires with twist ties and label them properly. Ensure you take batteries out of all electronics, remove toner cartridges from printers, and eject CDs, DVDs, and blue-rays. This might seem like a cumbersome task but it will make putting things together in your new home or office less stressful.

It’s also advisable to backup all data and files before packing your computer equipment. While your computer equipment is unlikely to get damaged if it’s packed the right way and handled carefully, accidents can happen during transportation, so it’s best to be safe than sorry. 

  • Packing Electronics Individually

It's advisable to pack each device separately so that no two devices will rub against each other. The small parts that are related to a device should be packed in a resealable bag and tapped to the electronic device if necessary. You can place them all in one box to avoid confusion later on.

  • Use Appropriate Boxes

If you don’t have the original boxes for your electronics, use thick cardboard boxes and ensure the bottom won’t drop. Wrap each device with anti-static bubble wrap and pack it inside the box securely so it doesn’t move. Fill any void spaces with bubble wrap and use tape to stick the bubble wrap down. Make sure your packing tape is strong as well.

You can add silica gel to the moving box to prevent excess moisture from getting to your electronics.

  • Consult The User Guide

Every electronic device comes with a product manual that outlines the steps to take to properly pack the item for moving. It's best to follow the product manual for each device or appliance to ensure you get everything right. You can find the user guide on the manufacturer's website.

Need Help with Packing and Moving Your Electronics? National Movers Is Here to Help

Packing electronics can be tricky, especially for someone without extensive experience in moving. The last thing you want to experience is getting to your new home or office, only to find that your electronics have been damaged.

That’s why it’s a good idea to hire an experienced moving company to help you with packing your electronics if you’re not an experienced mover. At National Movers, we are dependable local movers in Alpharetta with extensive experience in packing and moving a wide range of items, including electronics.

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