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How To Prepare Your Property for Moving Truck Parking

May 28,2021

How To Prepare Your Property for Moving Truck Parking

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. But if you don’t plan and prepare well, it can be a major headache. One of the things that many homeowners don't consider when moving is the availability of truck parking space and the safety of the moving truck and the belongings in it. It’s important to determine if there’s ample parking space in your new location and inform your home mover so they can know the right moving truck to use.
If you’re planning a move, you’ll need to prepare your property for moving truck parking to avoid hassles and frustrations on the moving day.
Let’s look at the ways you can prepare your property for moving truck parking.    

Obtain Moving Permit

You’ll need to obtain a moving permit to transport your belongings to your new location and reserve parking space for your moving truck. Without a moving permit, it may be difficult to get a parking spot, and if you get one, you'll have to pay additional fees or fines. You don't want to incur extra moving costs at a time when you want to make your move as economical as possible. Some movers obtain moving permits on behalf of their clients, so you’ll need to confirm with your mover if they secure permits. Besides, it’s important to check local regulations regarding moving permits so that you don’t run into problems at the last minute. 

Get Rid Of Unwanted Items

You probably have a lot of unwanted and unused items in your house that will increase your moving costs. If you don’t intend to use those items in the future, it may be a good idea to get rid of them. You can consider donating some of the gently items such as toys, clothes housewares, and electronics to charity organizations or put them on sale on eBay or Craig’s list. This means you'll have fewer items to move, which will save you money. Besides, you’ll need a smaller truck which will make it easier to secure parking space. 

Pack Your Items In The Right Boxes  

If your move does not include packing services, it will be up to you to pack everything in the right boxes. You'll need sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, furniture pads, moving blankets, heavy-duty packaging tape, markers, Ziploc bags, and other essential supplies. Be sure to label the boxes correctly to make sorting easier and to avoid confusion during unpacking. If you don't have experience in packing various household items, it's advisable to hire a packing service to assist you. Incorrect packing could make your items bulky and lead to expensive damages. Having your items boxed up properly will save you time on the moving day. 

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