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How to Prepare for a Warehouse Move

November 22,2022

Your business is growing, and you need more storage space, so you decide to relocate to a larger warehouse. Will you conduct the move yourselves or hire local movers? Moving a warehouse yourself rather than hiring a moving company is possible but not the best idea. Stick with National Movers specialists who know how to move anything and everything. Moving your inventory from one warehouse to another presents its own challenges, including the fact that physical items are involved. A good plan will help you seamlessly organize your inventory and move it from one location to another.

Moving to a new location is always a stressful experience. However, if you are moving to a warehouse, then it will add an extra layer of complexity to your move. Here are some tips that can help you prepare for your warehouse move.

Schedule Movers Ahead

Before hiring any mover, do some research on them first. A good moving company should have a website with information about their services and prices, allowing you to compare different companies before choosing one for your move.

When you’re moving, you must have movers scheduled ahead of time. This will give them time to prepare and get everything they need to get the job done right. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have no idea who will come out and help you with your move.

Create a Warehouse Move Checklist

Make a list of all the items that you need to move. Include even all small items such as keys, pens, paper clips, and larger items like furniture and appliances. A good rule of thumb is to pack everything that can fit into an average-sized moving box. This will prevent you from forgetting anything important during the packing process.

You may think that filing cabinets and desks don't need to be packed up, but if you want to keep your records safe, you must do so. Ensure that all sensitive documents are packed into secure containers such as locked filing cabinets or boxes with padlocks on them. If there is any paperwork related to the business, then make sure that it is transferred onto an external hard drive or memory stick so that it can be accessed later on if needed.

Plan Properly

Think about what's necessary to get your business back up and running as soon as possible. Don't be tempted to cut corners, or you may be paying more later. A warehouse move can take up a lot of space, so ensure there is enough room at the new location before moving day. You might need more than one truck if you're moving large items like machines or heavy boxes of inventory. If there isn't enough space at the new location, consider renting storage units until your new warehouse is ready for occupancy.

Organize Your Inventory and Properly Package It

The most important part of any move is ensuring that you don't damage your inventory. To achieve this, ensure every item is properly packaged before being moved. This means ensuring that nothing can fall out of its box or container, and that all items are packed tightly, so they don't shift around during transit. You should also ensure that fragile items are appropriately wrapped or boxed up, so they don't break during transport.

Labeling boxes can be very time-consuming if you have many items to move. However, it's extremely important because it allows workers unloading them to easily determine where each item goes once it reaches its destination. When labeling boxes, use clear labels so workers can see them easily in dimly lit areas such as warehouses and storage units. You should also clearly label boxes containing sensitive information to locate it easily at the new location.

Map the New Location Before the Move

Get a feel for your new warehouse's layout by mapping out all of the key areas beforehand. This will help you plan how to arrange your items once they arrive at your new home. You can also use this map when unloading to know where everything should go once it arrives at its final destination.

National Movers

All things considered, you need to plan your warehouse move carefully. If your business involves a large inventory and you are moving from one location to another, it's even more important to plan your move accordingly. Make sure that you schedule the moving company in time and get all packing materials to keep your inventory safe.