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How to Pack Shoes for a Move

April 09,2022

Moving is no easy feat. The whole process comes with many responsibilities and endless ‘to-do’s that must be accomplished to ensure a smooth move.

You’ve thought about how to pack your fragile electronics, utensils, and prized items. But what about your shoes?

Packing shoes for a move can be challenging. They are bulky, some are oddly shaped, and others may be dirty. You may be tempted to toss all of your shoes into a moving box to save time, but this is not advisable as you can end up with damaged shoes. Besides, tossing shoes into a box makes it difficult to unpack when you arrive at your new location.

Whether you have a few pairs of shoes or an extensive shoe collection, you want them to reach your new destination in their perfect condition.

At National Movers, we’ve compiled tips that will help you pack shoes for moving like a pro.

Prepare Your Shoes for Packing

Ensure you clean your shoes and get rid of odors if there are any smelly shoes in the bunch. To combat odor, simply place fresh lemon or orange peels in your shoes and leave the peels in the shoes overnight.

You should also stuff your shoes with rolled-up packing paper or crumbled paper to keep their shape.

Do not stuff your shoes with newspaper because they can leave stains all over your shoes.

Sort Your Shoe Collection

Get rid of old shoes and remain with those pairs that are in good condition. For those pairs that you never wear or feel uncomfortable for some reason, consider donating them.

The next step is to sort your shoes into categories such as leather shoes, athletic shoes, hiking boots, sneakers, dress shoes, etc. Each type of shoes has its own storage needs, so sorting your shoe collection can make packing much easier.

Pack Heavier Shoes at The Bottom

Your heavier shoes such as hiking boots and soccer cleats should be at the bottom and the lighter shoes at the top. Be sure to cover the heavier pairs with a sheet of paper before placing lighter shoes on top. This ensures heavier shoes do not damage your lighter and more delicate shoes.

Wrap Your Shoes in Bubble Wrap

It’s advisable to wrap your shoes in bubble wrap instead of plastic bags. You might need to use some form of protection around sharp heels and buckles, and some people opt to use plastic wrap rather than bubble wrap. You should avoid plastic wrap as it can trap moisture and cause mold growth.

Pack A Few Essential Shoes Separately

Some of your items may arrive late in your new home for some reason or you might not unpack some of your boxes for some days or even weeks. Having a few essential shoes packed separately will save the day in the event of delays.

So there you have it. Follow these simple tips and take the guesswork out of packing shoes for a move.

If it’s time to move and you’re in need of a reliable moving company to help you, get in touch with National Movers. We at National Movers believe we’re one of the reliable and experienced local movers you can count on to help you with your move.