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How to Pack Rugs for Moving

April 02,2022

If you’ve got an upcoming house move and plenty of rugs to move, you may be wondering how to pack your treasured rugs in a way that they won’t get damaged and save on space. Rugs are among those household items that must be given the utmost care and attention, otherwise they will get damaged during the moving process.

While most items like clothes and shoes can be packed in moving boxes, you simply can’t roll up your rugs and throw them into the moving truck. You’ll have to do a little more work to ensure your rugs arrive in your new home in perfect condition.

At National Movers, we compiled some practical tips that will help you pack and move your rugs correctly.

  • Clean Your Rugs Prior to Packing

Start with cleaning your rugs because you don't want to bring along any dirt, dust, foul odors, or allergens into your new home. Deep cleaning or thoroughly vacuuming your rugs before packing them will eliminate dirt, dust, and allergens on the rugs.

  • Gather Materials for Moving Your Rugs

You’ll need twine strings to tie up your rugs once they are rolled up; packing paper to protect your rugs during the move; and packing tape to secure the packing paper in place and ensure the bundles won’t get undone during the move.

  • Roll Up Rugs

Unless you are moving flat weave rugs, you’ll need to determine the direction of the nap because you’ll want to roll your rugs against the direction of the nap.  First, flip the rug over such that the rug pile faces the floor. By doing this, you will avoid putting extra pressure to the rug’s backing, which could later damage your rugs.

Ensure there are no warps or creases on the rug and roll it up slowly and evenly to create a cylinder and keep in mind that a good fold will mean easier and safer transportation. When you are done rolling up your rug, tie the rolled-up bundle on both ends using twine strings. This will keep it from unfolding during transport.

Note: Do not use packing tape to secure the rolled-up bundle because it can easily damage the delicate surface of the area rug.

  • Wrap The Rug in Packing Paper

Once your rug is tied up, wrap it in packing paper to protect it from any dirt or dust during transportation. Then, secure the packing paper with packing tape, and you're done.

Note: Do not wrap your rugs in any kind of plastic bag because they tend to trap moisture and encourage a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

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