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How Long Does it Take to Move?

June 04,2022

One of the common questions we get at National Movers is "how long does it take to move?" This is a hard question to answer because moves are not the same.

For a local move within the same city, an experienced moving company can help you move within the same day. There are many factors that determine the time it will take to move. For example, a one-bedroom apartment may take 3-4 hours to move and a larger, six-bedroom apartment may take 8-10 hours to move, but this is not definitive.

The duration of your move will depend on factors like the number of boxes you have to move, the pieces of furniture you have to move, the need for dismantling and reassembling furniture, access to the property, and more.

How Long Does It Take to Pack a House for Moving?

The time it will take to pack a house for moving depends on property size, number of boxes to pack, number of packers, and the professionalism of the packers.

Two packers can pack a one-bedroom apartment in about 2 hours and a two-bedroom apartment in 2.5 hours. The same number of packers can pack a three-bedroom apartment in 3.5 hours assuming there are around 30 boxes; and a five-bedroom apartment in 6.5 hours assuming there are 60 boxes to be packed. Fragile items such as glassware, art and electronics will take a bit longer to pack as they need to be packed with extra care. Whereas, items like clothing, shoes, and linen are quicker to pack.

The unpacking process is much faster than packing, so you can expect experienced movers to unpack an average of 5 boxes in an hour.

How Long Does It Take to Load a Moving Truck?

The time it will take to load a moving truck is dependent on the number of boxes, the number of movers doing the job, the flights of stairs the moving boxes will be taken down, and the distance between the moving truck and the entrance to your home.

Assuming there are no unforeseen obstacles that may cause delays, it would take about 2 hours to load a moving truck when moving a one-bedroom apartment. Moving a two-bedroom house would take about 3 hours while a loading a moving truck when moving a four-bedroom house would take about 6 hours.

However, it could take longer to load fragile items such as artwork, electronics, wine bottles, lampshades, mirrors, drinking glasses and more.

The kind of moving company you’ll hire will also determine the time it takes to load a moving truck. Experienced movers like National Movers who know what they are doing will get the job done faster than inexperienced movers who are new in the moving business.

Tips and Tricks for Moving Faster and Easier

  • Write a moving to-do list so that you can stay organized
  • Declutter before you start to pack
  • Hire experienced local movers in Marietta, GA to help you with the moving process
  • Start packing early
  • Label all boxes

If it’s time to move and you need assistance, get in touch with National Movers for reliable moving services.