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How Do I Pack to Move Effectively?

August 14,2020

Whether you are running stressfully short on time or just want to get packing out of the way as soon as possible, packing to move effectively can save time and hair follicles. Don’t stress. Moving does not have to be traumatic or taxing. National Movers is here to share some moving tips. We have been in the packing and moving business for years and are delighted to share some of what we have learned. If you have any specific questions or concerns, you are welcome to explore our website and see if any of our other articles can help. You can also call National Movers to request the assistance of our professional packers and movers. Anyway, let’s get started on how to pack to move effectively.

First, Plan and Organize

Let’s start with getting a solid understanding of what the inventory looks like. Go around the house and make a list of all of the items, separating them into categories: one for items to pack and one for items to toss out, sell, or donate. Only once you understand how many items you have can you estimate the size of the truck that you will need to rent and the amount of packing material you will need. When you have completed your list, buy your packing supplies and go ahead and schedule your moving truck a few days before your last day at the house. Leave a few days in case the truck has a problem or some other problem comes up.

Get Rid of The Things You Don’t Need

What better time to do some cleaning out than when you are packing items one by one? As you go through your items, separate the items that you don’t need. You can either sell these items for some pocket change to cover some of the moving expenses or you can donate the items to a qualified 501c organization and get a nice tax benefit during tax season. If the item is especially worn out and worthless, then go ahead and toss it out so you do not waste valuable space and time. Used towels and linens can be donated to a local animal shelter and unopened, unexpired canned foods can help someone in need at the local food pantry or homeless shelter.

Set Aside Your Essentials

It can be easy to accidentally pack away essentials and lose them in the chaos of packing. Medication, chargers, important documents, a couple of changes of clothes, and day-to-day hygiene products can be placed in a specific duffel bag to stay organized.

Get Some Help

Two heads are better than one and four hands are better than two. Don’t be shy to ask your friends and family for help. Packing together can be a great way to spend valuable time together and get the packing done quicker. Be sure to show some appreciation by ordering them a meal while they’re helping you pack.

Get Straight to Work

There’s no time to waste! Don’t think, pack. Instead of wasting time trying to keep similar items together, just pack everything safely and securely. Use soft items like socks and towels to wrap fragile items, knocking out two items in one package. Set up boxes and store the packed items as you go. If you are especially low on time, don’t waste time folding laundry. Wrap a strong garbage bag around them and keep them on hangers.

Call the Professionals

If you would like professional assistance, then call the experts at National Movers. Our packers have plenty of experience packing and we are always ready to help. Call now to schedule your appointment.