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20 Ways to Make a Local Move Easier

June 10,2022

Moving out or into a new place brings new perspectives and is often a time of change. However, it is also a time that comes with its fair share of challenges, especially if you are unprepared. At National Movers, we understand that moving can cause significant stress, so we ensure that our movers do all the heavy lifting. Here are some of the ways recommended by experts from our moving company to make a local move more manageable.

Choose Your Moving Date Wisely

Moving and travelling have a lot of similarities, one of them is choosing the right season. The ideal time to move is during the fall and winter months; to enjoy more flexibility and avoid the stress of the unavailability of movers. Local movers are usually busy during late spring to summer, meaning you'll have a challenge squeezing in a moving date.

Make a Moving Checklist

A lot needs to be done for a successful move, and a detailed checklist can help check all the boxes before, during, and after the move. A reputable moving company can help you customize a checklist to help you stay organized, on track, and sane. A well-detailed checklist covers everything from packing and onboarding extra help to clearing and cleaning.

Purge Your Belongings

Many homes are filled with junk that is no longer in use. Moving offers the perfect opportunity to go through your closet, garage, storage rooms, and more to take an inventory of what you no longer need or want to keep. This goes a long way in organizing your move and lightens your load, saving time and money on transportation.

Sell What You Can, Donate What You Can't

Once you have gone through your stuff and decided on the items you want to get rid of, try selling them to local buyers, organize a moving sale., or sell via online sites like Facebook Marketplace or eBay. Items that can't be sold can be donated to a local thrift shop or charity.

Recruit Help Early

If you are not moving far from your current residence, local movers, friends, and family can lend a helping hand to make the process less strenuous. Regardless of how prepared you are, please don't put off asking for help so that your DIY crew knows when they'll be needed to avoid any inconveniences on D-day.

Start Packing

Start packing as soon as possible once you have settled on a particular moving date. Most people make the mistake of waiting until the last minute, resulting in unwanted stress, and damage to various items. The last thing you want is to forget packing an entire closet, only to realize when it's too late. We recommend starting with kitchen items, home décor, and out-of-season clothes before proceeding to other areas.

Pack Boxes Correctly

Packing boxes is more than just throwing items randomly and waiting for the moving truck. Our expert movers use the proper packing techniques, preventing under-packing or overloading your moving boxes. Use smaller boxes to hold heavier items like cookware and books and larger boxes for lighter items like lamps, clothing, and linen.

Label Every Box

After packing and securing your boxes, use a marker pen to label each box, its contents, where it goes in your house, and how fragile. This makes it easy for movers to ensure they are correctly packed in the truck, preventing extra costs due to breakages and damage.

Label Large Items

While it is important to label boxes when moving, what happens to oversized items and pieces of furniture? You don't want to start moving a chest of drawers that belongs in the children's room from the kitchen. A professional moving company uses painter's tape on China cabinets, desks, and other bulky items to let movers know where each item goes in your new place.

Save Money on Packing Materials

Many costs are associated with moving, and failure to properly prepare can take a massive chunk of your finances. If you want to save money on a local move, it is advisable to source free boxes from family, local stores, or friends. Most local businesses receive deliveries daily and would pass them along for free to ease your move.

Call Your Utility Companies

This is one of the items at the top of your moving checklist to avoid inconveniences once you've settled in your new residence. Call your utility service providers a few weeks before moving to ensure they disconnect and reconnect in your new home. Failure to plan can lead to extra charges, adding to the already high cost of moving.

Change Your Address Before Moving

When you plan to move, changing your address on all your accounts should be among the top things to do on your checklist. Changing your mailing address with the United States Postal Service a few weeks before moving is advisable so that your bills, packages, and housewarming cards can start arriving at your new address by the time you settle.

Pack a First-Night Essentials Kit

Pack a bag or box for your family for the first night in your new residence, containing all the essentials to make the night comfortable after a long day. This saves you from unnecessary treasure hunts for pajamas or toothpaste in the many boxes around your house.

Start Moving Early if Possible

If you are moving locally, it helps to start moving early to take the load off when the official date arrives. This is an excellent solution if you have both sets of keys and some days left on your previous rental agreement or after the closing date. It also allows you to detect areas that need repairs and bring items that a moving company is not permitted to transport.

Keep Kids and Pets Safely Occupied

Moving locally allows you to enlist the help of family, friends, or neighbors while you and the moving crew get to work. If you have pets or small children, make arrangements to have them occupied and taken care of on a moving day. Your kids can stay with the pets as you move, preventing safety hazards associated with the process.

Delegate Tasks on Moving Day

Another way to make things move faster is delegating tasks to specific individuals on moving days. A professional moving company functions like a well-oiled machine for maximum efficiency, and your DIY crew should follow a similar system. This ensures that everyone has something to do, making the process faster and saving money and time.

Keep Important Items and Documents with You

Essential documents like moving contract agreements, financial documents, medical records, and birth certificates should be stored in one place and always be by your side. Most people misplace vital documents when moving, so you must keep them in your possessions for safety.

Wear Durable, Comfortable Clothing

The temperature and weather can fluctuate depending on the time of year. On moving day, wear comfortable clothes that can protect you from harsh weather, especially during the winter months. Go for shoes that have non-slip features, especially if you are moving up and down a flight of stairs in wet weather.

Load Things the Right Way

Local movers can ensure the correct items go in at the right time. At National Movers, we believe there's a science to loading a moving truck: large, bulky items like appliances or furniture are packed into the cargo area and protected with bubble wrap or blankets. Once you've established the base, small items and boxes can fill the rest of the area.

Higher Professional Movers

Maybe your family and friends are unavailable on a moving day and can't be relied on for help. In that case, you need to hire a professional moving company, where we come in as your go-to service provider. We guarantee quality services at a competitive market price. Contact us today at National Movers, and we'll do all the heavy lifting to make the process move seamlessly.